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Hiking & Cycling

Explore by bike or on foot the numerous forests, moors, brook valleys and charming villages. Gradually you will discover the versatility of Belgian Limburg. We have collected some great tips for you:


  1. Regional landscape Kempen and Maasland
  2. Limburg Kempen and Haspengouw
  3. Central West Limburg


  1. Various hiking trails available at the reception
  2. Valei van de Zwarte Beek in Beringen
  3. Barefoot path (in Dutch named as Blotevoetenpad)
  4. Dune Belt at CampsiteZavelbos

Nature centres

  1. The Green House of Domain Bokrijk in Genk
  2. Hoge Kempen National Park
  3. Dune belt

Bonus tip:
Join a ranger on a voyage of discovery in the 6,000 hectare Hoge Kempen National Park, the largest nature reserve in Flanders!

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