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Terms and Conditions

  1. At Campsite Zavelbos you can park your car in front of the holiday apartments on the centrally lit car park.
  2. Pets are only allowed on a leash on the campsite, not in the holiday apartments or not in the holiday chalets.
  3. Any damage, lost items during the stay, regardless of whether this damage and/or loss is the result of negligence or acts of yourself or third parties must be compensated and may be deducted directly from the deposit.
  4. If you cancel, this will result in losses for us, which we will have to pass on to you;
  • Up to 8 weeks before arrival 25% of the rental price with a minimum of € 275.
  • Between 8 weeks and 4 weeks before arrival 50% of the rent with a minimum of € 275.
  • Between 4 weeks and arrival 100% of the rent
  • The deposit minus previous losses will only be refunded in exceptional cases, such as death or hospitalization, after submission of a valid certificate and after thorough examination.
  • If you have to interrupt your stay, the full rental price remains due.
  1. When leaving, the tenant does some light work such as washing the dishes, removing and folding bed linen and blankets, cleaning up and emptying dustbins in the respective containers. The rented accommodation will be left neat and tidy and any damage will be reported to the reception. Our services will check the accommodation thoroughly when it is vacated.
  2. Failure to comply with the general regulations and guidelines may result in expulsion, without refund of all or part of the rental fee.
  3. No responsibility is accepted for:
  • Loss, theft, damage, personal injury or accidents caused to persons or property, during or as a result of a stay with us.
  • For the breakdown or disuse of technical devices and the failure or closure of facilities.
  1. Despite our care, it is still possible that you have a complaint. In order to enable us to resolve this as quickly as possible, we ask you to report this complaint immediately. If this solution does not satisfy you, you can report this in writing to our management at the latest 8 days after your departure date.
  2. Everyone who makes a reservation accepts these general conditions and our guidelines.
  3. Reservation : by email (or phone), after that a deposit will be made. The balance must be paid one month before arrival. Make your reservation in time. At the time of booking, a deposit of € 275 must be paid for a rental accommodation. For the campsite the deposit is € 250. Please mention your name and the dates!
  4. The deposit must be paid within eight days after booking. The balance of the rental amount for the holiday apartments, the holiday chalets or the holiday rentals must be paid one month before arrival, without prior notice from the landlord, otherwise we reserve the right to continue the stay without refunding even part of the deposit. For the campsite, the balance may be paid on arrival. It is not possible to pay on the spot with bank cards. Any bank charges will be borne by the client.
  • For Holiday Resort Wilhelm Tell nv you can transfer this amount to
    IBAN: BE18 3350 2802 5265 and BIC: BBRUBEBB.

  • For Campsite Zavelbos you can transfer this amount to
    IBAN: BE87 3350 2289 6894 and BIC: BBRUBEBB.

  • For Campsite De Binnenvaart nv you can transfer this amount to
    IBAN: BE98 3630 4535 2893 and BIC: BBRUBEBB.

  1. Apparent printing errors do not bind Holiday Resort Wilhelm Tell nv, Campsite Zavelbos and Campsite De Binnenvaart.
  2. This pricelist replaces all previous printed matter.
Camping Zavelbos