The most beautiful camping spots in Belgian-Limburg

Food & drinks

Don't you feel like cooking and are you looking for a pleasant restaurant or have you always wanted to visit that one brewery? We listed a number of craft businesses and degustations for you.

Craft businesses & degustations

  1. Coffee Roaster Gulden Tas in Bree, Chocolatry
  2. Castle brewery De Dool in Houthalen-Helchteren
  3. Brewery van Kerkom in St. Truiden
  4. Vineyard 'd Wijngaert Velt in St. Truiden
  5. Syrup distillery van Vrolingen in Wellen


The culinary restaurants in the area will be happy to serve you the most delicious dishes. You can also take a seat at one of the charming terraces and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a good glass of wine... Delightful!

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