The most beautiful camping spots in Belgian-Limburg

Dune belt

The Dune Belt with over 3,000 hectares of heathland and woodland is a fantastic place for nature lovers. Discover the hiddden rich fauna and flora during a cycling or walking tour. Camping Zavelbos is the starting point of the walking route 'Gruitroderbos'.

The Dune Belt is accessible for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Separate networks are available for each.

Enjoy the unspoilt nature

You can walk for hours in this beautiful area. With over 150km of trails, you will not be bored for a moment. Tourist maps can be purchased at the reception points and tourist offices.

  1. Hiking route network: € 2.5 / piece (Donderslag, Oudsberg, Solterheide)
  2. Cycling route network: € 9.5 (Cycling route network Limburg)
  3. Rider route network: € 6 (Limburg rider route network)

Environment overview

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